Growing Pains: An Apology to the Readers

I’ll start with an admission: I have failed twice. First I promised you all a story a day (A ridiculous promise, in hindsight). Then I promised one new story a week. Even though that should have been more reasonable for me to keep up with, I haven’t. I’m not going to lie- I lost my job recently and have been worrying a lot about the immediacy of my needs versus my wants. So, my apologies. I have posted some new material, which I really hope you guys enjoy! Also I’ve started posting links to my webpage (, so you guys can have access to that as well as to some really amazing works by other authors.

But alas, I need to broaden to expand. I need to adapt to survive. And I do believe that I have a voice in the goings on of the world that matters. So I will be reorganizing my website as of this week. Though it will still feature my science fiction and fan fiction stories in periodical form, my new-and-improved site will also contain articles about things like lifestyle (Men’s Rights, Beer/TV/Movie reviews, articles on being gentlemanly); Science (with specific focus on space and exploration, physics and planetary sciences); Business (Both for my local El Paso/Las Cruces are and Nationally) and, hopefully in the very near future, interviews with people who are experts in these said areas.

As always, feedback is welcome! Please feel free to comment below and like and follow my blog.


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