Just Checking In

I hope you guys had a fantastic Holiday Season. I did. Totally got a new guitar and the new Doctor Who novel, so I’m stoked. Also, I wanna say thanks to you guys- my site is growing in readership slowly but steady and its all thanks to you guys! I want to reiterate something, if I may- please leave reviews! Like I honestly don’t care if it’s a scathing review. You could honestly tell me that it was the worst thing you’ve ever read and that you threw up in your mouth just reading it and that would be fine. It tells me what material people like and don’t like and what I need to fix. So scathe away if you will! If you do like, be sure to like my posts and my Facebook page and follow me on Twitter and Google+. Also tell your friends if you like what I’m doing and reblog if you can. I can’t tell you how much I appreciate all the support I’ve gotten so far.

I confess I sort of fell off the wagon getting fat this holiday season and I didn’t post much. That’s all gonna be changing. As you guys can tell I’ve started posting reviews of some television shows and I’ll be adding more along the way. If there’s a show you guys would like me to review, just let me know in the comments of one of my other reviews and I’ll be glad to do it! Also, with 2015 being a big year for sci-fi and fantasy movies, I’m hoping to add some reviews of those as well. Be looking for the Neurotic Nerd to be reviewing the new Terminator, Star Wars, The Avengers: Age of Ultron and Jupiter Ascending. Please bear in mind that as I am just getting started, I don’t have advanced screenings of these things, so they might get posted a few days after they premier.

I also want to thank you guys with bearing with me on the changes to the site. I think I’ve finally settled on a layout that I really like and that should make access to my articles easier than the endless scrolling of my last two layouts. I’ll keep this one brief, you guys- I don’t have much to say other than endless thank you’s to you guys. I know I’ve said it before but hopefully by the end of the weekend I’ll have a post up here about The Top Manly Gentlemen in Science Fiction and Fantasy. I’ve already finished it, but my neurotic nature is making me go back and re-edit it like 12 times. But, anyways, look for it this Sunday. Also I’ll be posting more articles about what the site name actually freakin’ suggests this site is about- the science of science fiction. I have an article in the works about the reality of faster-than-light travel, Gene Roddenberry’s vision 30 years before the Alcubierre Warp Drive and social sciences in the coming space age. But for now, check out some of my fan fiction or one of my reviews!

Lots of love you guys,



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