Yet Another Update!

I’ll keep this one brief, you guys. First off: WOW! You guys are awesome! January was by far my best month thanks to you guys-readership more than doubled what it did in December, and it’s all thanks to you guys! I’ll try and keep my end of the bargain by posting something other than reviews, with some more fan-fic and additional chapters from some of my original works in the coming weeks. Up next, besides the weekly reviews of Flash, Gotham, Arrow and Constantine, I have a new list! Got some feedback on the last one, brainstormed and came up with another one: 10 Sci-Fi Character Trope We’re All Tired Of. Look for this one by the end of the week. Also in pipeline I’ve got the finishing touches to “The Last Child of Gallifrey”, Two more chapters for “The Heavenly Office” and an original Star Trek fan-fic.

If I can ask you guys for a little more, it would be this: if you like my work, please like my blog, like me on Facebook, Twitter and Google+ and spread the word around a bit. Also any comments you would care to leave would be greatly appreciated. Love you guys!


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